A cause for concern

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A cause for concern

The female reproductive system requires special concern and attention. Any serious changes may lead to infertility, infections and diseases, if they are left unnoticed. Light pink discharge is one of the processes to pay special attention to.

What should the average woman know?

A cause for concern

The vagina and cervix have dead cells and various bacteria that should be flushed out in order to keep the environment healthy and clean. Vaginal discharge accomplishes this task. Discharge can be different in color: If you have a pink discharge, it may be an early sign that you are pregnant.

You can see it in your underwear. If you have a light pink dischargeit means that a small amount of blood flowed into the vagina or that the amount of estrogen in your body has increased. When an average woman sees pink spotting in her underwear, she begins to panic. Many think that this is a problem that is related to their pregnancy.

Not everyone knows that this discharge protects an unborn baby from possible infections, by blocking the cervical opening. What if the discharge is not caused by pregnancy?

This may be leftover blood from previous menstruation, or a sign of the next one. This is when a woman should consult a doctor. It can be caused by more serious conditions such as cervical cancer or vaginitis. In cases of vagitnitis, a woman experiences discharges for a long period of time, which means that either her vagina or vulva is inflamed.

This is an infection that appears as a result of sexually transmitted diseases. When the color of the discharge is getting more intense and turns from light pink to dark red, then there is a possibility of cancer.

An average woman discharges nearly two grams of dead cells and three grams of mucus daily. During pregnancy and sexual excitement the amount of discharge increases greatly, as the glands near the vaginal opening secrete additional slippery mucus that acts as intercourse lubricant.

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A cause for concern

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Cymbalta - Cause For Concern?

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