A creative story about the great avenger in brazil

That is what drives me to keep this series alive. Plus, we all want to know how the story ends, right? Your money is NOT being used to pay me a salary or to help me setup at any conventions. Those are costs that I will continue to fund out of my own pocket.

A creative story about the great avenger in brazil

Nanovic set out to create a new hero combining elements of Doc Savage and the Shadow. They obtained advice from Lester Dent and Walter B. Gibson in the creation of the Avenger, and hired writer Paul Ernst. Both Dent and Gibson met with Ernst to give him advice on his stories, Dent focused on characterization and Gibson on plotting.

The Avenger's "marksman's eyes" echoed the "burning eyes" of the Shadow, who continued to be referred to as "The Masked Avenger.

In Don Hutchison's estimation, the Avenger was following in big footsteps, and hamstrung by appearing too late in the day. Following the "instant justice" of The Shadow, the global stage of Doc Savage and other pulp heroes, the Avenger was, by"simply an unnecessary commodity.

See below Origins[ edit ] The Avenger's real name is Richard Henry Benson, a globe-trotting adventurer who "had made his millions by professional adventuring": The shock of this loss has a bizarre effect on Benson. His face becomes paralyzed while both his skin and his hair turn white, his facial flesh becoming malleable, like clay.

His face was thereafter for the first dozen stories regularly described as in "The Smiling Dogs" as: The muscles were paralyzed so that never, under any circumstances, could they move in an expression.

This dead, weird face was as white as snow — as white, in a word, as you'd expect any dead flesh to be!

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In the glacial expanse of the face were set eyes so light-gray as to seem completely colorless. Don Hutchison suggests that "Benson's extreme personal misfortune was probably the strongest motivation accorded any of the great pulp heroes," stemming as it did from the death of his family and his own "death in life".

A creative story about the great avenger in brazil

Thus the second "distinct era" of the Avenger began with the first issue of the now-bi-monthly third volume, just over a year after the magazine's debut. The thirteenth issue, "Murder On Wheels," saw the introduction of the last major recurring character, Cole Wilson.

Initially an opponent of the Avenger before joining Justice, Inc. Three stories — "Nevlo" 17"House of Death" 15 and "Death in Slow Motion" 18 — had been written by Ernst prior to this radical shift in character, and underwent rewrites before seeing publication.

Although the original texts would place these three stories chronologically earlier than 13, the rewrites serve to fit them into the timelines as published although some slight original traces remain under the heavy-handed later insertions.

Gadgets[ edit ] The Avenger far preferred trapping criminals into "destroy[ing] themselves in traps of their own devising" than killing them himself, allowing writer Ernst to create considerably elaborate plots. These include knockout gas bombs, miniature two-way radiosa woven, transparent bullet-proof garment and "glass pellets containing a gas His small band, known as "Justice Inc.

His family was killed by racketeers, leaving Mac embittered, vengeful and "indifferent to the threat of Smitty looks slow and stupid, but he is actually a genius with electronics. He was framed — and spent a year in jail — for a crime he did not commit, and initially attacked Benson, believing the Avenger was out to arrest him.

Her archaeologist father was killed by criminals for the buried Aztec gold he had found. After his murder was solved by Benson's Justice Inc.

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They often go undercover as domestic servants, making use of the stereotypes of the time to hide their investigative abilities, in "an ironic comment on the image The Avenger is notable for its presentation of minorities.The Avenger is a fictional character whose original adventures appeared between September and September in the pulp magazine The Avenger, published by Street & Smith.

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A creative story about the great avenger in brazil

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