A look at the significant health problem of osteoporosis

Treatment Mental health refers to our cognitive, behavioral, and emotional wellbeing - it is all about how we think, feel, and behave.

A look at the significant health problem of osteoporosis

This article will discuss the causes, testing methods and treatments available for prevention and reversal of Osteoporosis. For many years, I used to think that Osteoporosis was a calcium deficiency disease.

However, this is not really true. The reality is that we get plenty of calcium in our diet and the real problem is actually excess calcium loss due to our American Diet and Lifestyle.

Simply put, our diet is the culprit. According to Dr T. Colin Campbell from Cornell, there is considerable evidence for this, and the solution is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less animal protein. Susan Browndietary factors which influence acid-alkaline balance determines this rate of calcium loss from the bones.

An acidic diet high in animal protein will cause loss of calcium.

A look at the significant health problem of osteoporosis

An alkaline diet high in fruits and vegetables will prevent calcium loss from bones. See her excellent article: Weight bearing exercise is useful for building strong bones. Remember all the T. Ads with the milk mustache on the celebrity? The actual research says that milk and dairy products don't help strengthen bones.

The xray at the right shows severe osteoporosis of the spine. Dark glue has been injected to strengthen the weakened vertebral body.

Diagnostic Testing-Bone Density Scan: This machine measures bone density by passing a dual energy x-ray beam through your body.

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However, the DEXA Scan reveals nothing about the actual strength of the bone which is more important than bone density. The T-Score concept is misleading and probably should be changed. Everybody loses bone density as they age and you don't necessarily have a disease because your bone density isn't the same as your daughters.

Although Bone Mineral Density BMD measurement can predict the risk of fracture, it cannot identify individual women who are going to fracture. These are helpful in determining if your bone building program is successful.

However, most doctors are unfamiliar with these simple urine tests. Drugs Commonly Prescribed forOsteoporosis: However, these drugs kill bone cells called osteoclasts and cause a dramatic reduction in bone formation which some researchers think will eventually lead to weak bones which fracture more easily.

In support of this cautionary note, Dr. Other drugs such as Forteo which is recombinant Parathyroid Hormone given by daily injection does stimulate new bone formation, however, this drug requires a special warning label because lab tests showed formation of cancerous bone tumors in rats on the drug.

In addition, elevated parathyroid hormone levels are known to cause bone erosions called "subperiosteal erosions" and "brown tumors" which are holes in the bone.

A look at the significant health problem of osteoporosis

Calcitonin, another hormone type drug was previously available by injection, is now available as a nasal spray.

This shows some usefulness for patients with existing painful vertebral body fractures, but is not recommended for mild osteoporosis. What about Nutrtional Supplements?

Reverse Osteoporosis - Increase Bone Density

Calcium Doctors are recommending and everyone including my wife is taking extra Calcium. Is this really necessary? There is plenty of calcium in the diet in green leafy vegetables. If you insist on taking Calcium, then at least take an absorbable form such as Calcium Citrate or Calcium Lactate. However, extra Calcium may cause kidney stones, constipation, and arterial calcifications, so be careful.

Many researchers think that the average American diet is deficient in Magnesium which has a multitude of health benefits.Mission.

Empower, inspire individuals to take control of their health in collaboration with their care experts and care friends. Giant Book of Kitchen Counter Cures: Foods That Fight Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Memory Loss, Bad Digestion and Problems!

(Jerry Baker Good Health series) [Karen Cicero, Colleen Pierre MS RD, Jerry Baker] on caninariojana.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The healing powers of favorite foods are leveraged in the recipes and cooking tips in this guide to. Natural Help for Osteoporosis. written and compiled by Tony Isaacs (The Best Years in Life) As you age, your bones begin to erode, which is normal and a natural result of aging.

Not only is it possible to stop the progression of osteoporosis, but you will be able to increase your bone density by following the program outlined in this report.

If you are steering away from red meat due to the negative press on saturated fats, you may be happy to hear that a very powerful fatty acid primarily found in beef and dairy products has been linked to long-term weight management and optimal health.

The Myth of Osteoporosis is a research-based work that provides clear insight into the myths of osteoporosis. These myths motivate both patient and physician into a lifetime of unnecessary testing and drug therapy therapy that can in fact be life-threatening.

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