A reflection of the old pictures of me and my friend and her training for the army

General Kayani took special interest and allowed the child to become a soldier for a day and spend time in a unit on the Independence Day of Pakistan.

A reflection of the old pictures of me and my friend and her training for the army

Meet the first female army officer in Nigeria On 1: She rose within a period of two years from Second Lieutenant to the rank of Captain in the Nigerian Army before the civil war.

The retired Captain who hails from Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State is a professional Nurse and in an encounter with some journalists in Asaba, she spoke with nostalgia about how she was inspired to delve into the male dominated field; what her romance with the military impacted on her and other issues: Josephine Okwuekeleke Tolefe We admired the ladies in the British Army and wanted to be like them but we found out that in our case, we were a bit disgruntled as a result of the civil war and we worried about how we could stop it.

The hatred then was so much that it could not wash away in few months. We are still praying that we still recapture the dreams of our nation. In our time, women did not hold sway. We did not know where to turn because every civil servant in the country had the belief that if you work for so long, at the end of it, you would get a retirement that was befitting.

But as females in the Army in those days, that was not clear. Hatred from our male counterparts Our male officers knew where they were goinghow many years they could work, thinking of the year they were in and how many more years they could put in their best but the female officers could not do that.

We had no leeway. Many of the male officers were not too happy having female officers. They said they would not like to have a woman who was an officer, whose husband was also an officer. The argument then was that if you got a hour notice of transfer to Kaduna or Zaria or Enugu or something like that, the family would not be so comfortable.

A reflection of the old pictures of me and my friend and her training for the army

For that 24 hours, you would be thinking. You had to think about that because our men were not giving us a sort of guideline as to what to think about according to the civil service guideline. So, we were just working like civilians which some us were.

Then, when you now got to the level of lieutenant, second lieutenant and then became a captain, you found out that things were not going to change.

Many of the civilians who started with us went away thinking about how they would make use of their certificates and apply their certificates to life.

But some us thought that it was not wise for us to leave the army just like that whereas the British Army ladies were still very boisterous in their job and we on our part could not do very much.

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Soat the end, only two of us got pension at that time. The excitement When I joined the Army, I was very excited to see men and women preferring themselves as men and everyone was very kind to each other.

We joined the army to offer something to the country because we had civilians as well as nursing sisters in the military forces. It was when this idea of war and agonies of war came in that most people thought that it was not pleasant as we thought.

If you were fighting against Nigeria and you are Nigerian, it did not speak so well of you. What was actually being done was diminishing Nigeria.

A reflection of the old pictures of me and my friend and her training for the army

Some of those that died were people who had something in their brains to offer but they could not offer it because they died prematurely. We cannot say somebody was victorious in an army that you were fighting against your brother and against your sister. For instance,there was war in Congo at one time.

Nigerians had to go and pacify each side so that they would stop fighting. Our troops went from Abeokuta cantonment and women and their children were left behind. Our boss then was Muhammadu Buhari. He was our Commander then and incidentally, when I arrived in the Army Land Rover, he was the one who came to the railway station to pick me up and to warm my food because there was nobody there anymore except a few people because they had all gone to Congo to fight.

He gave me a talk about how the cantonment was being run and how everybody has been happy.

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So we went around together and we spoke and we found out what our duties would largely be. So it was nice to be in the military forces at that time.Interesting and Unusual pictures of Pakistan Army officers, JCOs and Jawans. Photos of big mustache, pictures with animals, etc.

Pakistan Army personnel's photos having fun.

The Best Soldier Poems But what is it like to know someone in such an image?
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Today's Free Photo for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. I put my life on the line for my country, but my country did not put their life on the line for me. This war is a cruel and unjust war; they will not let me win. I went to war, I even saw women and children killed, I saw young men, like myself, died for no reasons, and I saw grown men out of fear, frustration cry and weep over those who died.

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