Account of the life of peter sellers

Often ad-libbed some of the most memorable lines his characters say in his films Trivia 49 Father, with actress Britt Eklandof actress Victoria Sellers. Claimed to have had a near-death experience during a heart attack inin which he saw Heaven and he met an angel who told him that it was not his time to die yet. First actor to be nominated for a single Academy award best actor for a film in which he potrayed three different characters in the same film: Sellers made a cameo appearance but it wound up being cut out.

Account of the life of peter sellers

Strangeloveas Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies, as the star and supporting player of innumerable British comedies, and as part of the mighty triumvirate that made up the ground-breaking Goon Show. It falls into the same well-worn traps that nearly all biopics of famous entertainers find themselves, though its assets ultimately outweigh its shortcomings.

Peter Sellers was a famously enigmatic actor, who by all accounts hid behind a seemingly endless supply of prosthetic noses and funny voices.

Account of the life of peter sellers

I do not know who or what I am. Like Milos Forman's often excellent film about comedian Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moonthe script blurs the "real" Peter Sellers' life with his movie alter-egos. Where Man on the Moon at times played like one of Kaufman's notorious put-ons, Peter Sellers Geoffrey Rush plays multiple roles in his own biopic, a device that doesn't really work, though not for want of trying.

Sometimes scenes will end with "Sellers" taking over the role of a wife or colleague, addressing the camera in the form of little testimonials, as if Sellers himself were writing and righting the story of his life; the effect mainly comes off as gimmicky. A better idea was to have Sellers, who often stayed in character during production, living the role also like Kaufmanreflecting his emotions to others through the character he's playing at that moment.

In one deleted scene included as an extra feature for instance, Sellers, in the midst of shooting Being There, talks to last wife Lynne Frederick as Chance the gardener, likening their relationship to a big tree Sellers blotting out the sun for the little tree Frederick in its shadow.

In one sense the gimmicky nature of the script is almost pointless given how bizarre and revealing Sellers' own behavior frequently was. Sellers is depicted most unflatteringly, as a delusional, immature man with an uncomfortably Oedipal relationship with his mother Miriam Margolyes, very good and with no sense of self.

One great scene has him lash out at Blake Edwards after being disgusted by his own performance in The Pink Panther. His emotions turn on a dime, and he finds little comfort in the accolades and financial rewards fame brings him. He's physically and emotionally abusive to everyone around him.

Like a child he stomps on his son's toys then buys him a pony as if to erase his abhorrent behavior. The show's best assets are the performance of Geoffrey Rush and the at times uncanny recreations of Sellers' films. Rush is perfectly cast, striking just the right balance between impressionist and actor.

Most telling is a scene where, as Sellers, Rush plays his famous telephone monologue as U. President Merkin Muffley in Dr. Rather than an inflection-for-inflection imitation, Rush plays the scene his own way, yet in character as both Sellers and Muffley. In the otherwise tepid House on Haunted Hill Rush pulled a similar trick with his wonderful imitation of Vincent Price, which lets enough of his own personality seep in.

Sellers went through multiple transformations off-camera as well as on, from pudgy to slender and nerdy-suave to frail and sickly, and Rush nails each phase dead-on.

Most of Sellers' big hits are recreated, but also lesser-known works like Carlton-Browne of the F. Squint and at times you'd swear you were looking at the actual movies. Sonia Aquino, however, looks nothing at all like Sophia Loren, and fails to capture her essence.

Emily Watson is also very good as Sellers' first wife, Anne. Some viewers may complain about the short shrift given fellow Goons Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe who, for those unfamiliar with their import, play like talentless hangers-on.

A Goon Show recreation is also marred by shaky camera work suggesting that a major earthquake struck the BBC midway through their performance.

Sellers' last wife, Lynne Frederick, is barely mentioned and his third wife not at all. Possibly for legal reasons, The Pink Panther Strikes Again is depicted as Sellers' return to that franchise, rather than Return of the Pink Panther, which was made before. There's no mention of Kiss Me, Stupid or Billy Wilder, whose creative head-butting with Sellers may have contributed to the latter's massive heart attack.

The show received a theatrical release in some parts of the world.It’s close but no cigar for “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers,” an adventurously conceived biopic of the late comic actor that, in the end, just doesn’t convince.

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Trailer The feature adaptation of Roger Lewis' book about the actor best remembered as Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies.

But Sellers was the Goon who went global: an international film star and volatile genius, whose whirlwind personal life had filled newspaper column inches for the better part of two decades.

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers () September 22, PM - Subscribe The feature adaptation of Roger Lewis' book about the actor best remembered for his comedy on The Goon Show (radio), as Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther movies, comedy records, and much more.

Peter Sellers was born Sept. 8, , in Southsea, England, the son of British vaudeville performers, and was literally raised in the wings. He appeared with his parents as a child, won a talent contest at 13, joined the Royal Air Force at 17 and worked as an entertainer. In this movie, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, you will learn more about this actor besides the role of the Pink Panther.

This DVD also includes some deleted scenes as well as commentaries. It .

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