Bgsu grad college thesis

Many academic music programs are oppressively dogmatic with their aesthetics and ideologies. This is one of those programs. Avant-garde reigns supreme at BGSU.

Students also complete general education courses in a foreign language, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities to obtain a well-rounded education. Standards for admission to the BFA program are high. In preparation students take two introductory writing classes which focus on intensive reading, critical essay and basic craft knowledge of creative writing.

Students admitted to the BFA program take junior- and senior-level workshops which focus on extensive writing and revision, refinement of craft and definition of artistic goals.

The BFA thesis, a formal compilation of creative work, is required of each senior.

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The thesis is also presented in a public reading. Students may select a minor or second major in any field to enhance their education and job possibilities, or select the individualized minor to Bgsu grad college thesis a minor that best suits their interests and needs.

The BFA program advisor works with all students to review various career options for using specialized writing skills. Opportunities include editing, publishing, technical writing, media production and advertising.

Bgsu grad college thesis

After graduation many students develop careers in freelance writing, teaching or technical writing, but there are also a large number who go into such fields as law or journalism.

Curriculum Basic courses in world literature, American and English literature, poetry and fiction provide a sense of tradition, as well as the ability to articulate personal expression.

Students also complete general education courses in foreign language, the natural and social sciences and the humanities to obtain a well balanced education.

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Students take two introductory writing classes where they are encouraged to experiment with writing techniques. Junior- and senior-level workshops provide opportunities to write extensively and obtain criticism from peers and instructors. Other literature classes and workshops develop skills in literary criticism.

A thesis, which is a collection of creative work, is required of each senior in the final workshop. Each student is also required to present work in a public reading.

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The creative writing program hosts a visiting writers series that invites nationally known writers to campus to read from their works and speak to students and faculty. Preparation for College College-bound students should be aware of the importance of a sound academic preparation in high school.

A solid background in English composition, mathematics and foreign language is essential for the successful completion of the creative writing major.

Completing the requirements for high school graduation is necessary for admission to BGSU, but only finishing the minimum coursework will leave you unprepared for college.

Consider taking four years of mathematics instead of the three that are required. Two, three or even four years of the same foreign language is excellent for preparation for college.

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You will also benefit from competency in computer use. Courses that provide exposure to or training in the visual and performing arts are excellent choices.The Graduate Council approved the implementation of electronic submission of theses and dissertations beginning with Fall for all graduate programs.


With the exception of theses written in the MFA program in Creative Writing, paper copies are no longer accepted by the Graduate College. Bowling Green State University is a vibrant university that engages, challenges and prepares students for meaningful futures.

At BGSU, students enjoy an education that integrates personal growth, academic excellence and an environment that expands their thinking and potential.

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Bgsu grad college thesis

The Bowling Green State University Graduate College located in Bowling Green, Ohio, prepares graduate students for real-world challenges within a vibrant research-based, interdisciplinary and international graduate environment.

BGSU utilizes many web masters across campus to maintain all of its web properties. Keeping the BGSU website in compliance with section is a joint effort between Disability Services, Marketing and Communications and Information Technology Services. While some degrees have a clearly defined career path that limits graduates to a specific profession, the broad range of professional opportunities available to those with a master’s degree in English is exciting.

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