Discursive footballers do not deserve

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Discursive footballers do not deserve

Next Can someone please help me adjust this discursive essay? The world is surrounded by constant updates on The Media; so much that humans basically breathe The Media. The Media also includes broadcasting through newspapers, magazines, The Media also includes broadcasting through newspapers, magazines, notice-boards and post.

Children have been brought up into new technology and over-exposure to the new media craze has lead the public to believe youths are responsible for controlling The Media.

This will explain how The Media affects the society and what effect it has. The Media has a major effect on individuals and their peers; role models are famous football players or talented musicians and many celebrities live amid pools of money and this leads the gullible among the public to think: But what about people who work hard and earn their money?

The movie industry shows a very bad example to teenagers. A US study found fifth grade girls were more likely to become more aggressive after playing a violent video game than playing a non-violent game.

In a matter of years violence rates in teenagers will increase due to violent films and games. This is another example of Hollywood manipulating society today. Arguably, The Media can be portrayed as an advantage to growing up. The Media is a source of knowledge and can be very educational as it provides an alternative to learning from traditional books and lectures.

An American survey revealed teenagers aged spend 72 hours a week on electronic-based media devices. The Media also gives the public information on their favourite football team, band or new computer game release and keeps the world up-to-date on what is happening. Not all media revolves around bad role-modeling celebrities and negative advertising; it also has a great contribution of gathering help and support on serious cases such as missing persons.

It also gives teenagers an image of what is wrong and right in the world and experience of different cultures and different ways of living.

Television programmes are filmed all around the world and teach viewers how people in different countries live their day-to-day life and how style and appearance of others living in different cultures compares to those in the UK.

In court they found that pretty, attractive women are either given weaker sentences or are found guilty less often. This shows physical appearance plays a strong role and has a big impact on society today.

The average woman sees advertisements a day and by the time she is 17 she will have received overadverts given out by The Media. This constant image of a perfect body is provoking more and more girls into becoming self-conscious and obsessive over their appearance.

Young adults are at a stage in their lives where they want to be accepted by their peers and want to be loved and successful for who they are. The Media has unfortunately created an image of beautiful men and woman and describes the characteristics a perfect human being should have.

Teenage disobedience concludes to teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and anti-social behaviour; which is a major growing problem today in the UK.

Discursive footballers do not deserve

In addition, The Media has affected society today; negatively and will continue to create a horrific image of what the world is turning out to be.Get the latest NFL football news, scores, stats, standings, fantasy games, and more from ESPN.

Get the latest NFL football news, scores, stats, standings, fantasy games, and more from ESPN. Menu What grades do the new head coaches deserve, and what do they need to do down the stretch? We have reports on all seven hires. Dec 01,  · " If you want to talk about unfair why not talk about the billion people living in poverty in the world while footballers are paid more in one week than thousands of those people *combined* will earn in a caninariojana.com: Resolved.

Man City manager Pep Guardiola has promised Riyhad Mahrez and Phil Foden will play more minutes this season following their drubbing of Cardiff. Secondly, if nurses deserve the money more than footballers because of the important work they do, surely then they ‘should’ have higher wages than all other entertainers who provide a comparable service to the nation; musicians, artists and comedians alike?

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