Discuss the term float

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Discuss the term float

Is Total Float All That?


After five decades of Critical Path Method, we have all become used to the term Total Float, and it has made its way into how we interpret the Project Schedule, and how we actually manage our Projects. The question I dare to ask is this: Just consider how versatile this single value is.

And since we interpret the Critical Path as the string of activities that is most vital to timely completion of downstream deadlines, we use Total Float to set our management priorities. We use Total Float to evaluate requests for Time Extensions that result from changed conditions or changed requirements contractual.

Discuss the term float

We use Total Float to speculate on the adequacy of project performance, as we estimate likely completion times. We use Total Float to give us an early warning heads up on performance slowdowns or sluggishness.

We use Total Float in our evaluation of time-related claims that assert delay, acceleration, and even loss of productivity. Not only have we put tremendous dependence on Total Float, we have put all of our eggs in this one basket. There are virtually no other indicators that we use in Project Time Management to rival our application of Total Float.

Even the much-revered Earned Value is not seen as an alternative to Total Float, but rather as a complement, one providing a different perspective. Thus, even if Earned Value indicators suggest the presence of temporal deficiencies, the next step is to return to the CPM schedule and perform more precise analysis, including Total Float values.

But the cold truth is that Total Float is burdened by shortcomings. Here are just a few: Total Float reports the numerical difference between two impossible extremes. Earliest Dates are unrealistically optimistic; the likelihood that all activities in a schedule will achieve their Earliest Dates defies reality.

Alternatively, Latest Dates reflect an irresponsible postponement of work to an 11th Hour that no competent, prudent Project Manager would ever delay performance. Total Float measures the time gap between these two impossible extremes. Total Float is constantly changing, as well.

Be imaginative inside your analysis types.

Total Float can be tampered with … and typically is manipulated to some extent by every party that can get their hands on the schedule. Total Float is an ambiguous value.

That is, there is less than overwhelming consensus on how to calculate Total Float. Some say it is the difference between Early Start and Late Start. Some say it is the difference between Early Finish and Late Finish.

Some say it is the difference between Early Start and Late Finish. Total Float exacerbates the Zero Sum Game mentality that infects every Construction Project and renders it dysfunctional.Currency intervention, also known as foreign exchange market intervention or currency manipulation is a monetary policy operation.

It occurs when a government or central bank buys or sells foreign currency in exchange for their own domestic currency, generally with the intention of influencing the exchange rate and trade policy..

Discuss the term float

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While the term "float" can be variously defined, the term is most frequently used to mean the check float; that is, the gap between the amount of checks or payment orders issued by the government and the amount encashed by recipients through the banking system.

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