Food memoir essay example

I am only 7, but I understand that it is this fact more than any other that makes my family different. We don't go to school.

Food memoir essay example

The steam rises, omitting a delightful aroma that will make any mouth water. The gooey pools of cinnamon and brown sugar juxtapose mountains of crusty goodness; sit atop a moist, firm cake.

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Sliding a knife through the warm cake in order to retrieve a piece from the center; which is the most delectable part; promotes anticipation for the moment when the cinnamon, brown sugar and cake, can touch the lips.

Placing a piece in the mouth and feeling its soft yet crunchy texture as well as tasting its sweet and spicy flavors, creates a wonderful feeling of love and joy.

Eating it with a cup of piping hot coffee makes the dish even more enjoyable. As far back as I can remember my mother had always made coffee cake.

My parents are both teachers so when we would get enough snow to where Anne Arundel County Public Schools would call a snow day, my mother would get up early and make the family coffee cake for breakfast. As a child I remember waking up to the smell of the sweet, spicy treat and knowing that there was no school that day.

This would automatically create a felling of over-exuberance just knowing that I did not have to go to school. Secondly, I would be ecstatic knowing that I could play outside in the snow all day.

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This creates memories of playing with my neighborhood friends and building huge snow people, snow forts and playing commando with snow balls. I remember running downstairs in my pajamas to grab a piece of coffee cake, but the piece would have to be out of the center since that is where the cinnamon and sugar collected into puddles of sweet heaven.

The coffee cake next to the edge of the pan was too crunchy for me so I always left those pieces for my father and sister.

Food memoir essay example

I would put my center piece of coffee cake on a small plate, pour myself a glass of milk now that I'm older, it's coffee and run into the living room to watch weekday cartoons; or the dreadful news if my dad had beat me into the living room.

I recall eating my coffee cake very slowly in mouse-like bites in order to savor my piece. However, my milk would be gone in a flash since the cake had a tendency to stick to my teeth and I needed to wash it down.

After I had eaten my coffee cake and chugged my milk, I would run upstairs, and grab my snowsuit and boots. I then dashed downstairs so that my mom or dad could help me bundle up.

Food memoir essay example

Next, I would run outside where I knew any number of my neighborhood friends would already be romping in the snow. We would play all day or until our fingers and toes were so numb we thought they might fall off.

To this day my mother still makes her family famous coffee cake on snow days. Although now that I'm older, it doesn't quite hold the same excitement that it once did since, even though it might be a snow day for schools, I still have to work. However, the tradition that she created will always hold a special place in my heart.Dec 03,  · NPR’s Book Concierge Our Guide To ’s Great Reads.

by Nicole Cohen, David Eads, Rose Friedman, Becky Lettenberger, Petra Mayer, Beth Novey and Christina Rees – Published December 3, Powell's Blog Q&As Powell's Q&A: Jessi Bloom, Author of 'Creating Sanctuary' by Jessi Bloom Creating Sanctuary is the intersection of my work as an ecological landscape designer and a student of psychology, bioenergetics, herbalism, and meditation with my personal experience as a patient and survivor with PTSD.

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"Funny, elegiac a remarkably sunny coming-of-age story about growing up in a Midwest world." NPR This is a story of the s. Of a road trip in a wood-paneled station wagon, with the kids in the way-back, singing along to the Steve Miller Band.

However, we will remember the feeling of surprise, warm, satisfied, happy and even pain till the end. 2nd draft Food memoir: Mung rice noodle Ifyoucanchooseonlyonefoodasyourlife-longfood,whatisit?

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