How can we motivate the students

Motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic, is a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education, and teachers can play a pivotal role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students.

How can we motivate the students

The student is too busy with other activities. The student hates practicing or the parents grow weary of begging the child to practice.

Here are reasons students quit, and ways to combat them: The sad truth is that many non-music teachers and administrators do not find music equally as important as math or English language-arts — but parents must. Many kids would jump at that opportunity!

Music is a core subject…period. The more parents treat it as such, the less students will quit. Without the proper tools and practice habits to get better at anything, students will become frustrated and want to quit.

Teachers must teach students why, how, where, and when to practice, and parents must obtain minimal knowledge about how students learn music in order to properly support them at home.

Sure, there are some kids who pick up an instrument and sound decent immediately, but they will hit a wall later and have to work hard to overcome it. Playing a musical instrument is a craft that, if practiced correctly, is something that all children can find success in.

As long as students know how to practice and that it needs to be done regularly, they will get better. Students discontinue playing over the summer. Statistics show that students who do not read over the summer find themselves extremely behind once school starts — the same goes for playing an instrument!

A year of musical instruction can quickly go down the tubes over the summer vacation if students do not find small ways to play once in a while. Picking up an instrument for the first time after a long layoff can be so frustrating that a student will not want to continue into the next school year.

The instrument is in disrepair. Sometimes the malfunction is so subtle that the student thinks they are doing something wrong, and frustration mounts. Students, parents and teachers need to be aware of the basics of instrument maintenance and be on top of repairs when needed. The best way to motivate students musically is through performance.

Weeks or even months on end of practicing without performing for an audience gets old very quick, and students will definitely quit.

Teachers should schedule performances every six weeks or so in order for students to stay engaged and practicing. Parents can help by creating small performance opportunities at home — a Friday night dinner concert or a planned performance for visiting family members are great ideas.

Other activities are pulling at the child.Give your students the tools they need to motivate themselves with tips from award-winning educator Larry Ferlazzo. A comprehensive outline of common classroom challenges, this book presents immediately applicable steps and lesson plans for all teachers looking to help students motivate .

We have already discussed student motivation before.

How can we motivate the students

Here are 10 more ways you can motivate your students today.. 10 Teacher-Tested Ways to Increase Your Students' Motivation Quickly and Easily. IT'S FREE. Voki is a fun tool that students can use for homework, classwork or projects. Customize their appearance and what they say, and share with others!

Teachers spend most time with students and should be able to motivate them towards achieving their goals. There are numerous ways that teachers can implement this. 1.

How can we motivate the students

Rapport/Constant communication. How and Why Teachers Should Motivate Students; Tweets by @EnezaEducation. While motivating students can be a difficult task, the rewards are more than worth it. Motivated students are more excited to learn and participate.

Simply put: Teaching a class full of motivated students is enjoyable for teacher and student alike. Some students are self-motivated, with a natural love of learning. A high-quality relationship with a teacher whom they respect is a key element of helping students develop intrinsic motivation.

What are some actions that teachers can take to strengthen these relationships?

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