How to write a summation program in matlab

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How to write a summation program in matlab

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Dear Kevin S, The reason you are getting three values for your vector "V" is that you are saving a value in "output" each time through your "for c"-loop.

Thus, when you give the vector [1 2 3] to your function, it is making the first element of "output" equal to the first element of "V" i.

Loops — Matlab Tutorial documentation

When you see something like this and don't understand how or why it is happening, one of the first things you should do is to display intermediate values that you are computing. You can do that by removing semicolons from the end of statements and by inserting "disp" statements into your code, then evaluate the function again so you can see what is happening at each step.

Your programs do exactly what you tell them to do, so you should turn that to your benefit when you have misstated something by telling the program to give you more feedback i. One big advantage of using Matlab is that you can add or remove semicolons to readily control display of your calculations, permitting fast development and debugging, so be sure to use the power that Matlab provides for this.

As for your statement that you cannot use existing Matlab functions, I have to wonder how strictly you mean this? For instance, in your function "addall" you use the Matlab function "size," which already exists. If so, then precisely what are the restrictions on the use of existing Matlab functions that allow you to use the "size" function, and precisely which other functions are prohibited?

If the "size" function is not permitted, then writing your function becomes much trickier. However, since you have used "size" in your question, I've done the same in the function "mysum" shown below. The Matlab "sum" has more options than "mysum," so it's an incomplete implementation, but provides the basic functionality that "sum" gives for vectors and matrices.

To see more about "sum," type "help sum" in Matlab's command window. I also made use of the transpose operator, but in case that is disallowed then its easy to duplicate with other statements.

how to write a summation program in matlab

The second version of "mysum" avoids using the transpose operator, in case you prefer that.MATLAB Answers ™ MATLAB Central (2*n+1)) +x; % the summation formula end disp(x) end } I want it such that my value of pi in this case 'x' is no greater than 1e-6 away from the actual value of pi.

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Help me how to calculate sum of series?. Learn more about sum series calculus MATLAB. Toggle Main Navigation. help me how to calculate the sum of a series in Matlab.

how to write a summation program in matlab

(for example 2 series in the picture) 1 Comment. Show Hide @Rifat ahmed is it possible to write a script using vectorized computation instead of the for-loop for that .

Sum of Sinusoidal Signals AIM: To verify Sum of Sinusoidal Signals using MATLAB EQUIPMENTS: Operating System – Windows XP Constructor - Simulator Software - MATLAB 10 THEORY: To generate fourier series of a signal by observing sum of sinusoidal signals & observing gibbs phenomenon effect.

Suppose you wanted to create a program to see how often a given number turns up in Craps. If we roll two dice, the smallest number that can arise is 2, and the largest is If we roll two dice, the smallest number that can arise is 2, and the largest is Using nested loops, write a MATLAB program that outputs the sum, [A] + [B], of two equally sized matrices, [A] and [B].

Test and run your program for the two following matrices, [A] and [B].

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