If i were to direct the play yerma by federico garcia lorca

After Fuente Vaqueros, the family moved in to the nearby town of Valderrubio at the time named Asquerosa. Inwhen the boy was 11, his family moved to the regional capital of Granada; their best known residence there is the summer home known as the Huerta de San Vicente, on what was then the outskirts of the city of Granada.

If i were to direct the play yerma by federico garcia lorca

Plot[ edit ] Act 1, scene 1: Yerma has been married two years. She wants to strengthen her husband, Juan, so he can give her children. Telling Yerma to stay at home, Juan goes back to his work in the olive groves, and Yerma talks and sings to the child she wishes she were carrying.

Yerma fears that if she, too, doesn't conceive soon, her blood will turn to poison. His advice when he learns the truth: Act 1, scene 2: Yerma has just taken Juan his dinner in the fields. On the road home, she encounters an old woman who insists that passion is the key to conception.

She then meets two girls whose attitudes astonish her.

If i were to direct the play yerma by federico garcia lorca

One has left her baby untended. The other is childless and glad of it, although her mother, Dolores, is giving her herbs for pregnancy. Juan enters, worrying about what people will say if Yerma stays out chatting. He tells her he intends to work all night. Yerma will sleep alone.

Act 2, scene 1: It is three years later. Five laundresses gossip about a woman who still has no children, who has been looking at another man, and whose husband has brought in his sisters to keep an eye on her.

We know they mean Yerma. The laundresses sing about husbands, lovemaking, and babies. Act 2, scene 2: Juan's two sisters watch over Yerma. She refuses to stay at home, and people are talking. Without children in it, her house seems like a prison to her.

Her marriage has turned bitter. The childless girl says her mother, Dolores, is expecting Yerma. Act 3, scene 1: Yerma is found at Dolores's house. Dolores and the old woman have been praying over Yerma all night in the cemetery.

Juan accuses Yerma of deceit, and she curses her blood, her body, and her father "who left me the blood of the father of a hundred sons.

If i were to direct the play yerma by federico garcia lorca

The scene begins near a hermitage high in the mountains, a place to which many barren women, including Yerma, have made a pilgrimage. Young men are there, hoping to father a child or to win a woman away from her husband. The old woman tells Yerma to leave Juan and take up with her son, who is "made of blood," but Yerma holds to her sense of honor and dismisses that thought.

Juan overhears and tells Yerma to give up wanting a child, to be content with what she has. Realizing that Juan never did and never will want a child, Yerma strangles him, thus killing her only hope of ever bearing a child.

The play ends with Yerma saying, "Don't come near me because I've killed my son. I myself have killed my son!

Because her marriage seems to be without love, she believes a child will bring her the joy she so desperately seeks. She feels empty and unfulfilled without a child, but is not able to achieve success with her distant husband Juan. However unhappy she may be in her marriage, she refuses to leave him because of her overwhelming sense of honor and duty.Jul 26,  · Vizsgaelőadás, június Yerma - Csóri Edit Rendezte: Réthelyi András.

Federico del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús García Lorca, known as Federico García Lorca (Spanish pronunciation: [feðeˈɾiko ðel saˈɣɾaðo koɾaˈθon de xeˈsuz ɣaɾˈθi.a ˈloɾka]; 5 June – 19 August ) was a Spanish poet, playwright, and theatre director.

Travelling to Buenos Aires in to give lectures and direct the Argentine premiere of Blood Wedding, García Lorca spoke of his distilled theories on artistic creation and performance in the famous lecture Play and Theory of the Duende.

Blood Wedding; Yerma; Dona Rosita the Spinster

When reading Lorca's plays you have to remember that they are in fact Plays and are not meant to be read but to be preformed. They weren't created to specifically entertain but were supposed to be a photographic representation of life in rural spain during the 's.

In English, Yerma can be translated to mean barren. Federico García Lorca is remembered amongst the most famous and influential Spanish poets and playwrights, and . Yerma (English: Barren) is a play by the Spanish dramatist Federico García Lorca. It was written in and first performed that same year.

It was written in and first performed that same year.

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