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It home and leisure

It spread as well to the United States, although that country had a reputation in Europe for providing much less leisure despite its wealth. Immigrants to the United States discovered they had to work harder than they did in Europe. In a cold country with winter's long nights, and summer's extended daylight, favorite leisure activities include horse racing, team sports such as hockey, singalongs, roller skating and board games.

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Play-by-play sports coverage, especially of ice hockey, absorbed fans far more intensely than newspaper accounts the next day. Rural areas were especially influenced by sports coverage. It was increasingly organized. In the French industrial city of Lillewith a population of 80, inthe cabarets or taverns for the working class numberedor one for every three houses.

Lille counted 63 drinking and singing clubs, 37 clubs for card players, 23 for bowling, 13 for skittles, and 18 for archery. The churches likewise have their social organizations. Each club had a long roster of officers, and a busy schedule of banquets, festivals and competitions.

In urban Britain, the nine-hour day was increasingly the norm; factory act limited the workweek to The movement toward an eight-hour day. Furthermore, system of routine annual vacations came into play, starting with white-collar workers and moving into the working-class.

It provided scheduled entertainment of suitable length and convenient locales at inexpensive prices. These include sporting events, music halls, and popular theater.

By football was no longer the preserve of the social elite, as it attracted large working-class audiences. Average gate was 5, inrising to 23, in Sports by generated some three percent of the total gross national product in Britain.


Professionalization of sports was the norm, although some new activities reached an upscale amateur audience, such as lawn tennis and golf. Women were now allowed in some sports, such as archery, tennis, badminton and gymnastics.

There were class differences with upper-class clubs, and working-class and middle-class pubs. Participation in sports and all sorts of leisure activities increased for average English people, and their interest in spectator sports increased dramatically.

Giant palaces were built for the huge audiences that wanted to see Hollywood films. In Liverpool 40 percent of the population attended one of the 69 cinemas once a week; 25 percent went twice.

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Traditionalists grumbled about the American cultural invasion, but the permanent impact was minor. They gave pride of place to such moral issues as sportsmanship and fair play.

Soccer proved highly attractive to the urban working classes, which introduced the rowdy spectator to the sports world. In some sports, there was significant controversy in the fight for amateur purity especially in rugby and rowing. New games became popular almost overnight, including golf, lawn tennis, cycling and hockey.

Women were much more likely to enter these sports than the old established ones. The aristocracy and landed gentry, with their ironclad control over land rights, dominated hunting, shooting, fishing and horse racing.

Army units around the Empire had time on their hands, and encouraged the locals to learn cricket so they could have some entertaining competition. Most of the Empire embraced cricket, with the exception of Canada.

A significant subset of leisure activities are hobbies which are undertaken for personal satisfaction, usually on a regular basis, and often result in satisfaction through skill development or recognised achievement, sometimes in the form of a product.

The list of hobbies is ever changing as society changes. Serious leisure[ edit ] Substantial and fulfilling hobbies and pursuits are described by Stebbins [29] as serious leisure. The Serious Leisure Perspective is a way of viewing the wide range of leisure pursuits in three main categories: People undertaking serious leisure can be categorised as amateursvolunteers or hobbyists.

Their engagement is distinguished from casual leisure by a high level of perseverance, effort, knowledge and training required and durable benefits and the sense that one can create in effect a leisure career through such activity.

The internet is providing increased support for amateurs and hobbyists to communicate, display and share products.Home Leisure Direct | We are UK's leading retailer for games room equipment.

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It home and leisure

 At a glance on the first page people know what it's all about. A.I.D.A Attention Interest Desire Action. Leisure has often been defined as a quality of experience or as free time.

Free time is time spent away from business, work, job hunting, domestic chores, and education, as well as necessary activities such as eating and sleeping.

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This Edwardian former vicarage has its own 'leisure' wing with a swimming pool and sauna for total relaxation, a beautiful farmhouse-style kitchen - .

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