Liberty vs responsibility

The prototype, sculpted by project artist Gary Lee Priceconsists of a pair of clasped hands oriented vertically, symbolizing the responsibility that comes with liberty. The original idea of a Statue of Responsibility was the vision of Dr. Freedom, however, is not the last word.

Liberty vs responsibility

Some people think that freedom from government interference in the marketplace is going to provide people with the most freedom. Others think that providing citizens with assistance for choosing viable life options gives our society more freedom. You will recognize these two viewpoints as basically liberal and conservative viewpoints.

Questions of freedom in democracy seem to also resonate around issues of responsibility. The earth is not a commodity to be owned by individuals and corporations some would Liberty vs responsibility.

The earth is our home and the home of all other creatures of the world. But the earth also gives us gifts of wealth- and it is the distribution of this wealth and how it is used that often calls up the questions of freedom vs.

Liberty vs responsibility

Should corporations have the freedom to operate as they wish in a capitalist society? Should they be free to treat workers as they wish? Should businesses have the freedom to give great amounts of money to political campaigns and therefore influence the outcome of legislation that regulates business?

We are hearing more and more in this election about the corruption of lobbyists and of big business using their money to influence votes in Congress. But at least now some of these corrupt practices have come to light and voters are becoming more aware of the kind of politics that goes on between lobbyists and lawmakers.

By having more knowledge about how legislation is influenced, we must take on more responsibility.

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We must make it our business to find out how our Congress works and to vote into office, people who take integrity seriously. We are very lucky to have the freedom to vote our conscience in this country. But with that freedom comes responsibility. The responsibility to know more about how our country operates.

Political thinkers pose questions about freedom that help us to analyze what kind of freedom we are shaping in our society.

Liberty vs responsibility

If we make assumptions about freedom, such as freedom does not give you the freedom to interfere and impose yourself on others. As a business owner, should you have the freedom to decide who you will hire and how much you will pay them and what kind of benefits you will offer them?

The answers to these questions are complex. Because all of these questions have not just a political component, but they have a moral component- what people believe is right and wrong morally or religiously. So, our moral beliefs about how humans live with one another have everything to do with how we believe government should operate.

These paradigms of thinking are metaphors for ways of thinking about government. He is not saying that all conservatives have one kind of family and all liberals have another kind of family.

In the strict father paradigm, the father is the patriarchal head of the family. He knows what is best for the family and he makes all the decisions.

The father is the benevolent dictator. In this metaphor, the father is seen as the government with the citizens of the country being the children. This model fits well with the Christian Fundamentalist God who is seen as a strict father. If you work hard and obey the rules, you get rewarded and get loved.

This paradigm is taken a step further in foreign policy because there the U.

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Thus it becomes the moral duty of this country to maintain its sovereignty over all other countries. The government in this mode is the benevolent protector of the citizens who are assumed to be good and assumed to become independent and strong given support and love. Lakoff sees empathy as the key difference between fundamentalist conservative values and liberal values.

Its natural companion is responsibility, the responsibility to help-to act on our empathy. Empathy without responsibility is hollow. In the progressive worldview, progressives, as citizens, should be both empathetic and responsible. He says that having empathy puts an important modifier on freedom.Get a free insurance quote from Liberty Mutual - specializing in car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance.

Broadly speaking, liberty (Latin: Libertas) is the ability to do as one pleases. In politics, liberty consists of the social, political, and economic freedoms to which all community members are entitled. In philosophy, liberty involves free will as contrasted with, determinism.

Liberty and Responsibility. 54 likes. With Liberty comes great responsibility. If you are not governed internally you will be governed externally. They use this escape term ‘cinematic liberty’, to stop all criticism.

But these commercial-political filmmakers miss the point of ‘cinematic responsibility’ and fail to visualise the impact their propaganda makes after their movies hit the screen. The Statue of Responsibility is a proposed structure to be built on the West Coast of the United States.

The prototype, sculpted by project artist Gary Lee Price, consists of a pair of clasped hands oriented vertically, symbolizing the responsibility that comes with liberty. Vital to this solution is an appreciation of the relation between liberty and personal responsibility.

Liberty and Responsibility Over the course of this century the ideals of liberty and personal responsibility have increasingly drifted apart.

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