Operation mangment

Operations managers acquire, develop and deliver goods to clients based on client wants and the abilities of the company. Specific Responsibilities of Operations Management Operations management handles various strategic issues including determining the size of manufacturing plants and project management methods and implementing the structure of information technology networks. Other operational issues include the management of inventory levels, including work-in-process levels and raw materials acquisition; quality control ; materials handling; and maintenance policies.

Operation mangment

The typical company carries out various functions as a part of its operation. Most companies make a product of some kind or produce a salable service. They must also carry out a sales and marketing function, an accounting function, and an administrative function to manage employees and the business as a whole.

Operations management focuses on the function of providing the product or service. They apply ideas and technologies to increase productivity and reduce costs, improve flexibility to meet rapidly changing customer needs, assure a safe workplace for all employees, and when possible assist in assuring high-quality customer service.

For the most part, the title "Operations Manager" is used in companies that produce a tangible good—manufacturers on the whole. In service-oriented businesses, the person responsible for the operations manager role is often called by another name, one that addresses the service being offered.

Examples include project manager, consultant, lawyer, accountant, office manager, datacenter manager, etc.

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Designing the System Designing the system begins with product development. Product development involves determining the characteristics and features of the product or service to be sold. It should begin with an assessment of customer needs and eventually grow into a detailed product design.

The facilities and equipment used in production, as well as the information systems needed to monitor and control performance, are all a part of this system design process.

In fact, manufacturing process decisions are integral to the ultimate success or failure of the system. This decision answers the basic question: How will the product be made?

Product design is a critical task because it helps to determine the characteristics and features of the product, as well as how the product functions.

These are important factors on which customers make purchasing decisions. In recent years, new design models such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly DFMA have been implemented to improve product quality and lower costs. DFMA focuses on operating issues during product design. QFD is a set of planning and communication routines that are used to improve product design by focusing design efforts on customer needs.

Process design describes how the product will be made. The process design decision has two major components: The technical component includes selecting equipment and selecting a sequence for various phases of operational production.

Facility design involves determining the capacity, location, and layout for the production facility. Facility location is the placement of a facility with respect to its customers and suppliers. Facility location is a strategic decision because it is a long-term commitment of resources that cannot easily or inexpensively be changed.

When evaluating a location, management should consider customer convenience, initial investment necessary to secure land and facilities, government incentives, and operating transportation costs. In addition, qualitative factors such as quality of life for employees, transportation infrastructure, and labor environment should also be taken under consideration.

Facility layout is the arrangement of the workspace within a facility. It considers which departments or work areas should be adjacent to one another so that the flow of product, information, and people can move quickly and efficiently through the production system.

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Implementation Once a product is developed and the manufacturing system is designed, it must be implemented, a task often more easily discussed than carried out.

IF the system design function was done thoroughly, it will have rendered an implementation plan which will guide activities during implementation.

Nonetheless, there will inevitably be changes needed. Decisions will have to be made throughout this implementation period about tradeoffs. For example, the cost of the originally planned conveyor belt may have risen. This change will make it necessary to consider changing the specified conveyor belt for another model.

This, of course, will impact upon other systems linked to the conveyor belt and the full implications of all these changes will have to be assessed and compared to the cost of the price increase on the original conveyor belt.

Planning and Forecasting Running an efficient production system requires a great deal of planning.

Operation mangment

Long-range decisions could include the number of facilities required to meet customer needs or studying how technological change might affect the methods used to produce services and goods. The time horizon for long-term planning varies with the industry and is dependent on both complexity and size of proposed changes.

Typically, however, long-term planning may involve determining work force size, developing training programs, working with suppliers to improve product quality and improve delivery systems, and determining the amount of material to order on an aggregate basis.Operations management is chiefly concerned with planning, organizing and supervising in the contexts of production, manufacturing or the provision of services.

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