Paper folders

Fanned stacks of paper easily slide into this machine. A large knob is easily adjustable to compensate for varying paper thicknesses.

Paper folders

Automatic Folding Machines Paper folding machines, often referred to as letter folding machines, are designed to save you time by quickly taking paper and folding it.

Powerful motors, combined with folding plates, allow these amazing machines to create a wide range of folds. These machines will save you hundreds to thousands of hours of time and will quickly make up their cost in time saved.

Folding results are highly professional, crisp and clean.

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We offer machines capable of folding dozens of sheets a day to higher-end machines that can fold thousands of sheets per day. Many of our paper folding machines can even handle card stock. Common folds that these machines can handle include letter folds C foldzig-zag folds Z foldsingle folds V fold and many others.

These paper-folding machines are referred to as friction-feed machines. That is because they utilize a series of rubber rollers to quickly pull paper in for folding.

Because friction is used in the folding process, some of these machines may not work with slick or glossy paper.

Paper folders

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Paper folders

Checkout 4. Approv $10 Flat Shipping. No max · Flat Rate Shipping · Huge Selection · Fast customization. 8 tips on designing and printing pocket folders.

Learn how to print on a folder, the types of paper folders, mailing standards, paper coatings, and what to consider the next time you need to print pocket folders for your marketing campaigns.

Challenge Products - Paper Folders. The Challenge Medalist vacuum-feed folder provides consistent folding quality with its floor-model folder features, such as combination rollers, adjustable roller calipers, and integrated noise hoods. Get great pricing and service on a wide variety of office equipment.

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We have our own warehouse, so products get to you quickly. Call for answers to your office equipment questions. Order today! Large selection of office equipment, book binding and printing equipment including many guillotine paper cutters, rotary paper trimmers, paper shredders, paper folders, binding machines.

The Paper Mill Store offers the widest selection of specialty paper, card stock and envelopes for paper enthusiasts and graphics professionals in reams, boxes or bulk, from top paper mills, shipped from our Paper Valley Wisconsin warehouse.

Air Feed Paper Folders are an easy to use vacuum folder. These paper folding machines use compressed air to separate and push your documents through the machine. Air suction feed systems are suitable for digitally printed and coated documents which includes glossy paper.

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