Paper shredding event

More information may also be found at www. We also encourage you to take advantage of a variety of volunteer activities advertised in newspapers, radio, televisions and the internet in the Spring.

Paper shredding event

Setting up for the event Greeting attendees Coordinating how people move about the event Helping attendees Paper shredding event the event Cleaning up afterward Step 2: Recruit Volunteers For a small event, you may need only three or four people to help.

For a larger event, you might need 10 or Reach out to people however you can — email, social media, phone calls, knocking on doors, etc. Post your event on the bulletin board at your place of worship, local libraries, coffee shops, etc. Try family, friends, colleagues and any groups you belong to.

Most people want to help out; you just need to ask! Once you have a core group of volunteers, assign people roles for planning and carrying out the event. Typical roles include those listed in Step 1 above. Pick a Shredding Service Look for an established company with a good reputation for integrity and customer service.

Ask for references, search online for reviews and check with your local Better Business Bureau. Choose a company that performs on-site services rather than one that moves documents to a warehouse and shreds them there.

Ask the shredding company if it will donate the shredding service. Partners could include banks, local TV and radio stations, the community newspaper, faith organizations, local governments, schools and office supply or grocery stores.

Large enough to handle a steady stream of people Easily accessible, both for attendees toting reams of documents and the shredding company, which will have to move its shredders in and out of the location Easy to find, with sufficient parking Start with community centers, other municipal buildings and schools.

Call to ensure that you have proper permits and insurance forms for a shredding event. Most shredding companies can help you with this type of paperwork.

And remember, most waste from shredding events is recycled, so you are helping the environment too! Promote the Event Contact local media — radio, TV, newspapers and internet.

You're organizing a valuable public service, so be upbeat and confident in urging the media to help spread the word. Also invite them to cover the event live but at this point, mobilizing people to attend is more important.

Post flyers in libraries, stores, community centers — wherever you are permitted to do so in the community.

Shred-It Event

Ask your volunteer team to leverage their networks — personal, professional, hobby groups, etc. In all of your promotions, emphasize that fraud costs Americans millions of dollars a year and that your shredding event wil help protect people from falling victim to fraud.

Prep Your Team Consider a common dress code for your volunteers. Opt for bright-colored T-shirts that are easily identifiable. Give everyone your cell phone number — this includes the shredding company — so they can reach you if needed on event day.

Arrive an hour before the event! Post signs outside the building so everyone can find it. Encourage your team to be friendly, calm and courteous throughout the day. If people become frustrated or impatient, be as helpful as possible in guiding them through the process.

Paper shredding event

Keep track of time: Keep your cell phone on and charged, in case anyone needs to reach you for event-related questions or emergencies. Decide who will conduct media interviews and direct photo opportunities.

Make sure there is no time for a potential crook to linger; be vigilant about document security. Exercise caution when handling sensitive documents so they are not lost, misplaced or left unprotected.

How to Measure Your Impact Track this information so you can report and celebrate your success. Pounds of documents shredded Make sure and ask your vendor how many pounds of paper were shredded.

Number of attendees Keep track of how many people attended the event. After your Event Follow up with volunteers and the community to share your success make sure to include the metrics noted above. Acknowledge and thank everyone who helped.

Post a notice of future events that volunteers can support so that you can further engage them in community service efforts. Ask your team and attendees for feedback to help you improve upon your success for future events.

Inspire Others on CreateTheGood.FileShred is a locally-owned document destruction service and paper shredding company serving residential and commercial customers in the Hartford, Connecticut area with fast, responsive shredding and the easiest process around.

Paper Shredding will be held at Island Beach parking lot on Saturday, April 21 st from am to noon. Shred old statements, tax forms, medical info and personal documents you no longer need. Cost is $2 per box of paper with a maximum of 5 boxes per car. All plastic and metal bindings and.

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Paper shredding event

JOPLIN, Mo. - Large volumes of important documents get shredded the safe and proper way. Two shredder trucks were brought into the Joplin Recycling Center for residents. It's a safe way to shred. Some municipalities and nonprofit entities conduct paper shredding events in an Morris Plains, NJ Union, Essex, Hudson and Middles Counties, NJApr 7, News and events from in and around Morris County Council , will be sponsoring a shredding event at its council hall on Schmidt Lane in Flanders Donations are 5 per brown grocery bag or 7 per copy paper size box Miceli serves on the.

The Mobile Paper Shredding Program consists of regional and municipal shredding days. Additional information regarding each municipal shredding event can be found on the municipalities website by clicking here or by contacting the municipalities Municipal Recycling Coordinator.

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