The solution to reduce the number of students in a classroom

Share Facebook Twitter Roots of Empathy helps children develop empathy by observing infants in classrooms. Photo courtesy of Roots of Empathy Science has shown that teaching empathy reduces problem behaviors in students.

The solution to reduce the number of students in a classroom

Going Green in the Classroom Going Green in the classroom, using technology to reduce waste, help collaborationand help the environment.

Teaching is a profession that comes with a lot of stuff. I realized this one year when I had to move from one room to another.

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I kept packing box after box after box. About halfway through my packing, I realized that in most cases, I was packing up unnecessary paper byproducts of teaching. Extra handouts I never passed out. Curriculum materials from the teacher who occupied the room before me.

Both great and terrible examples of student work. Did I really need all this paper? How did I manage to generate it all in the first place? I care about the environment. I commute by bike to school, I compost my food waste and I grow my own vegetables.

And so I took one look at all this paper and got a little sick to my stomach. Then I knew going green in the classroom was the next step. Some amount of paper use is necessary in the classroom, I realize. However, I felt like there must be a solution to the over-consumption of paper taking place in my classroom.

I found much of my solution in Google Apps for Education.

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This was a great place to get started on going green in the classroom. After completing a unit, I always had extra handouts I would file away to use the next time I taught the unit.

Of course, I always forgot about these extra copies and would repeat the cycle all over again. Now, instead of providing one handout to every single student I share the handouts with them through our private Google network and teach them how to organize these shared documents into folders.

This was the first step of going green in the classroom and reducing the number of handouts I needed to print.

The solution to reduce the number of students in a classroom

I also post the handouts in a folder on my Google site for students and parents. This way, students can access the handouts on their mobile devices while they do homework. I still make copies for students without Internet access at home or to use in class, but I no longer run off additional copies, cutting my paper use significantly.

Worksheets My students do several worksheets in my writing intervention class, where they work on specific grammar and convention skills.

I had the same problem with paper waste with these worksheets as I did with handouts. I saw right away this was another way for going green in the classroom. As with handouts, I place worksheets on my website.

Students can access them for review or if they were absent. Then, instead of providing a worksheet to each student, I project the worksheet from my digital projector.Classroom activities: Yoga is an increasingly popular way to improve learning. Science has shown that teaching empathy reduces problem behaviors in students.

One novel program has been doing that since — by putting infants in classrooms. Emotional development in schools is integral to the way that students develop academically, and it also sets them up to be responsible.

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